“Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle, one’s a real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s well being.” 

Discover how to utilize twin tapestry and queen tapestry works of art in various divider settings in our infographic beneath. Get considerably more plans to assist you with taking advantage of your regular stylistic theme piece. You are surely inspired by wall decor tapestries.

How to utilize twin tapestry and queen tapestry? 

One of the most refreshing, inspiring impacts of the tapestry is its capacity to cause any space to feel cozier and looser. This is because of their streaming structure, that as opposed to staying hardened and static, it gives off an impression of being in steady development. 


- Put them up in regions where a comfortable vibe is liked. This can be your room, lobby, holding up territories as well as a lounge. Tie these tapestries where you stay more for beautiful inspiration all around by wall decor. 

- A lovely method of hanging your tapestry is on a divider behind your bed, love seat, seat or capacity unit. In the event that your bedside is sitting against the divider, you can put the tapestry at the bedside. 


- You can hang your tapestries up on the roof. This decorates as well as gives a "glamping" impact to your spaces. 

- On a corner, a tapestry can give a feeling of profundity, uncommonly with even pictures and scene visuals. Supplement with lights and little components as an afterthought. 


- Lights, plants, different woven artworks, or littler casings that coordinate the vibe of your tapestry. Consider corresponding surfaces and hues. Is it accurate to say that you are hoping to add an extraordinary touch to your spaces?

The inspiration of mandala art tapestry

These days, you can't step foot into a residential house or understudy's apartment without seeing a Mandala woven artwork or tapestry. What precisely is a mandala tapestry, you inquire? They are luxuriously structured embroidered works of art that highlight a wonderful mandala hover in the center which is encircled by blossoms, elephants, or other mind-boggling designs that offer beautiful detail ready to mix with practically any stylistic layout. 

Purple Queen Size Indian Ethnic Decorative Peacock

You'll discover mandala woven artworks everywhere throughout the web offered by an assortment of venders however not every one of them offers quality. On the off chance that you need your mandala woven artwork to last and not blur when washed, you should pick a trustworthy seller as OUSSUM, that has broad involvement with selling these tapestries. With them being utilized as tapestries, bedspreads, coverlets, and couch tosses, you truly need one that is strong and that will last. They likewise make for the sake of entertainment seashore or cookout covers. 

Mandala Tapestry Indian Hippie Wall Hanging

Maybe the prevalence of mandala tapestry started with the flower child development with the same number of proposals. All things considered, others ascribe it to the Bohemian subculture. We simply call them fun, wonderful show-stoppers that can emphasize any room in your home.

Blue Peacock Mandala Tapestry Bohemian Dorm Room

Although today, you will buy a large mandala tapestry wherever in each kind of home, (they were not utilized in any royal residences or impressive homes). You can add this lavishness and extravagance to your home by requesting your own mandala tapestry from OUSSUM. 

Multicolor Tie Dye Elephant Tree of Life Tapestry

Our tapestries are made by probably the most gifted craftsmen in India and can transform any room in your home into a point of convergence your visitors won't soon forget. Mandala tapestry arrives in an assortment of bright examples and materials and are screen printed by hand. 

Multicolor Hand Printed Sun and Moon Wall Hanging

The tapestries are accessible in a wide scope of sizes and hues and can join components, for example, the tree of life, sun and moon, and camel and elephant parades. You make certain to discover a mandala embroidered artwork that suits your specific style when you request from OUSSUM as we convey the broadest determination of reasonable, top-notch mandala tapestry in the business.