About us

Oussum is the one-stop online store for all your fashion wardrobe and home needs. Inspired by the international runways, celebrity looks and on-trend street style, Oussum offers exceptional fashion at pocket-friendly prices, delivered to your doorstep!

Our beautifully patterned caftans and tunics are all printed and stitched from quality material in South Asia. With their bright colors and open design, they will flatter anyone who wears them. From playful to elegant, you can create just about any look you love with our versatile collection. Try on a long dress to show off your sophisticated style or slip on a short caftan for a more playful look!

With our wide range of products, you can simply decorate your house or yourself with our quirky designs! Our sophisticated design floor cushion covers are all handcrafted in India and delivered right to your doorstep. With their ethnic styles and colorful designs, they are sure to brighten up any space you dare throw them in! Our patchwork pillow throws are all handmade with different patterns, ensuring that each piece is a unique mosaic of gorgeous hand embroidered patchwork. They will surely add a distinct liveliness to your home!

“We strongly believe in making you happy as our customers are the heart of our brand.”