In the event that you are hoping to include both style and solace into your home, at that point huge floor pads and poufs could be the main items you will require. These unimaginably comfortable pads are ideal for practically any space in your home and have been utilized by our clients to make everything from understanding rooms, reflection corners, home film seating, additional crisis seating for visitors, or just a smart method to occupy an unfilled space. One of our undisputed top choice employments of floor seating and pads is as a loose and casual.

These pads work best in loose, mixed bohemian insides. Be that as it may, in light of the fact that these pieces are altogether high quality in India, by craftsmen who have taken in their art through ages – they are sufficiently novel to supplement any inside – including profundity and culture, turning into an idea in a matter of moments by any means. There's many various plans and shading blends accessible, and in perusing the range, you will rapidly begin to look all starry eyed at a portion of the plans. 

Underneath, we go through a portion of our undisputed top choice Poufs and Floor Cushions from inside the range. If you don't mind note, the entirety of the underneath items just identify with Pouf covers and pad covers, because of delivery reasons – it's a lot less expensive for our clients to source their own fillings. 

Huge Yellow Floor Cushion 

At Oussum, we are glad to source and flexibly cover this Rajkoti pad Cover. This pad spread has been made with vintage textures which have been gathered from wedding dresses, just as saris. These materials are then applied to a cotton backing, with each piece speaking to a really extraordinary, and stand-out pad spread. No two items are the equivalent, and all have been carefully assembled by talented craftsmen in Rajasthan – India.

Round Khambadia Floor Cushion 

This incredible, extraordinary Round Floor Cushion is accessible in a huge amount of styles and tones. Like the pad above, it has been affectionately produced using vintage wedding dresses, saris, – which have been applied on a cotton foundation. No two bits of material utilized is the equivalent, making each pad spread unique. These pads are handcrafted in Barmer, India to fastidiously exclusive requirements. 

Mandala Square Floor Pillow 

This screen printed square floor pad, has been made in the customary Mandala style which intensely overwhelms both our woven artwork and pad plans. Once more, carefully assembled by craftsman this time in the Sanganer area of India – this pad gives a cool, Boho seating arrangement ideal for any styles of inside. 

Little Blue Boho Pouf 

Sourced from the nearby towns encompassing Rajasthan in India, this handcrafted Pouf is totally interesting. It has been made in the customary Khambadiya techniques – utilizing vintage materials, for example, wedding dresses, which are then applied on a cotton foundation. Since each bit of material is really interesting, these items can't be duplicated and everyone flaunts a totally extraordinary plan. It's an open to seating alternative, just as a point of convergence for your home. 

Dark Boho Embroidered Meditation Pillow 

Another incredible item originating from the Barmer region of Rajasthan, this dark floor pad spread flaunts a mind-blowing measure of Boho pizazz. The dark works extraordinarily well with all styles of the inside, with colors being included with the expansion of textures on the head of the dark foundation. The piece can be seen beneath, in a phenomenal Bohemian Room.

Round Green Boho Floor Cushion 

Again displaying the customary Khambadia style – an assortment of vintage textures have been applied cautiously onto a cotton foundation, so as to make a really one of a kind Indian floor pad. High quality by craftsmen in Barmer, India. This methodology guarantees that the item you get is totally interesting and of the best quality. Buying from OUSSUM is additionally a simple method of helping protect India's specialties and artworks industry. 

Boho Floor Cushions and Poufs at OUSSUM

At OUSSUM, we have more than 100 plans of pads and poufs in stock. All areas interesting as the item displayed above, and all have been handcrafted in different districts across India. All are bought by us, from nearby providers at reasonable costs – which help guarantee that neighborhood craftsmen are paid what they merit, for their phenomenal and one of a kind items. 

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