Numerous kaftans are implied only for Summer seashore wear, however, the OUSSUM assortment is produced using high string tally cotton voile, which makes them incredible for recreational wear all year! We should investigate 5 wonderful events to wear a kaftan this Fall! 

#0: on an excursion, duh! 

As we insinuated above, you're likely acquainted with the utilization of kaftans as resort wear. The kaftan's light material and wide sleeves give a blustery choice to wear over your swimming outfit while you're tasting solidified mixed drinks poolside! The extravagance! 

This is #0 on our rundown since it relies upon pursuing hotter climates. While travel to hotter climes is certainly an advantageous interest, it isn't actually a #Fall movement so it's getting a decent notice in this post. 

In case you're sufficiently fortunate to have a tropical occasion arranged, bravo! Remember to pack your kaftan! At the hour of this post, there are still a significant number of days during the 90s in the estimate, so you better trust I'm arranging a couple of more days relaxing around in the sun (with SPF!).

The beach is where the utility of many other kaftans ends. Kaftans from other brands are often limited to resort wear because they're sheer or made of gauzy materials (which honestly aren't always all that breathable!). So those kaftans may sit in your closet until you're lucky enough to book a beach vacation.

OUSSUM kaftans, on the other hand, are made with high thread-count cotton voile, a lightweight weave that's softer, more opaque, and much better at helping your body regulate its temperature than the sheer stuff.

That means OUSSUM kaftans are ideal for leisurewear year-round -- not just at the beach in Summer! With that in mind, let's explore 5 less obvious but equally awesome occasions to wear a kaftan this Fall!

#1: Working from Home

Am I literally typing this blog post in my kaftan, in my bed? MAYBE. 

As the days get shorter, it's a decent advantage to have the option to telecommute so you're not withdrawing and getting back regularly in obscurity. 

Wear a kaftan to exploit your work from home time. In the solace of a kaftan, you can concentrate on your work as opposed to concentrating on your pants delving into your side as you attempt to get arranged on the lounge chair. Reward: your kaftan will in any case look respectable if your supervisor needs you to bring in for a video gathering! A remarkable redesign from tights and a larger than average shirt. 

#2: Hosting, otherwise known as Partying from Home 

What's a route superior to telecommuting? Welcoming your companions over and celebrating from home! Truly, I feel like facilitating comfort is my preferred trick of the trade as a social however drained 30-something! 

"Facilitating" can be as easy going as welcoming your bestie over for after-work conveyance and a film. Or then again you can go all out with an undeniable gathering where you can flaunt your Pinteresting capacities with extravagant tidbits, themed mixed drinks, and fun style! 

A kaftan can undoubtedly progress from the kitchen, where you're putting the last little details on your bruschetta, to your backyard, where you can be found tasting on your Fall sangria. Regardless of whether the conveyance individual is the main other individuals "welcomed" to your gathering, your kaftan is similarly as suitable abounding on the lounge chair with a pizza and a companion as it is facilitating an extravagant Fall festivity!

Your kaftan makes for a similarly extraordinary outfit when going to an occasion facilitated by a companion. Does your companion need to commend the new period of your most loved digital recording by hosting a listening get-together? Wear a kaftan! Your companion is having individuals over to watch "the game" (go, sports!)? Toss on a kaftan and you're prepared to cheer in style! Potluck pumpkin cutting gathering? Prepare a most loved starter or offer to get wine in transit over - you can do it all in your kaftan!

#3: Holiday Travel 

I've discovered that my kaftan has become an all-year journey fundamental. For instance, I simply went to alone wolfess/pre-wedding party at the end of the week where I shared lodging with companions. When we got to the lodging, we put on our kaftans and presented ourselves with some wine while we got up to speed with one another's lives and prepared for the night. The day after the lone wolfess, I got up overly early (on the grounds that I'm reviled) and tossed on my kaftan to go down to the lodging's bistro and drink espresso without awakening different young ladies. 

The movement utility of a kaftan works out in a good way past a lodging pressed with your preferred school companions. It's a helpful piece to wear when you're remaining with family or companions that are considerably more agreeable (and less humiliating) than your stockings that may really be transparent or your old dorky coordinating pajama set. 

#4: Sleeping 

This is the season when individuals begin getting run down and debilitated, so ensure you're getting enough rest! 

After all the fervor of facilitating, hanging out, and occasion travel, let out that drawstring and move on up to bed in your kaftan! 

The light material of your kaftan will shield you from overheating, and its largeness will feel liberating as you float off to rest. 

#5: Cozying Up on Self Care Sundays 

What's one of the most debauched things you can do in a culture that includes working extended periods, remaining stuck to screens, everything being equal, and never truly logging off? Investing some energy with yourself, unplugged! For me, that generally implies leaving my telephone in the other room, getting a few snacks together, and perusing. 

Long cotton kaftans are very acceptable at keeping you warm as you twist up on the sofa with your preferred Fall-scented flame and a decent book or great art. Include fluffy socks or a couple of tights when it gets truly cold and abound with a cup of glühwein by the fire (or before a yule log video on the circle!).

We could go on, however, we trust this rundown motivates you to coordinate this staple piece into your fall closet! What is a portion of your preferred approach to wear a kaftan throughout the entire year? Let us know in the remarks!